Strategy, management and resource development to help nonprofit organizations

get better at doing good.

Staying “on course” in the nonprofit world

is not always easy.

Often, we get so caught up in the daily frenzy of running our organizations that we lose sight of the important things like where we are headed, and if we have the right tools in place to get there.

To be most effective at “doing good,” the essential questions we should all be asking all the time are: 

- What really are we trying to accomplish?

- Do our programs, marketing, fundraising and capacity building strategies support that mission and contribute to its success?

- What does “success” look like and how can we measure it?

Whether your organization needs to take a broad look at where it is headed or needs more focused support in program management, defining and measuring success or resource development, I can help.  My job as a consultant is to increase your capacity to achieve your mission, so that your good work can continue.

Serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area and beyond…

Ready to get better at doing good?

  • Tina Floyd continuously demonstrates all the traits of a leader: team player, motivator, cheerleader, visionary, coach and mentor, and to her work applies a solutions-oriented approach. We worked together for 4 years and every assignment was completed on-time, within budget, and with satisfactory outcomes.

    Harriette Mishkin Principal, Performance Concepts
  • I have known Tina professionally for ten years and have worked with her to forge partnerships between our respective organizations. Tina is extremely intelligent, remains calm and rational in any situation, looks for ways to compromise (which is critical to any partnership) and follows through on her commitments. She has skills and experience in every facet of nonprofit operations and management and is a joy to work with. She would be a rare asset working for any nonprofit organization.

    Carrie Kitchen-Santiago Executive Director, Community Learning Center
  • Tina is a pleasure to work with. She is professional, dedicated, and a fantastic writer.  She translated our programs complex needs into proposals with such ease. She was responsive and resourceful in identifying opportunities for our organization. I highly recommend her for assistance with fundraising and development.

    Alison Kiss Executive Director, Clery Center
  • In working with Tina over the past year, I have had the opportunity to witness firsthand her clear thinking, formidable team skills and deep understanding of how organizations work.  She knows how to use these strengths to lead a group to consensus on a change strategy that makes sense and can be implemented.

    Tom Burns Managing Director, Urban Ventures Group, Inc.
  • Tina has successfully launched more than 15 of our housing stabilization programs, creating the strategies (or Theories of Change) to accomplish the goals of the programs and the mission of our organization. Most recently, Tina raised the funds and guided the development of a system to measure the impact of our overall work. Tina determines what is needed to succeed and then works to obtain what is needed. Tina works from integrity.  Her reputation is impeccable. She comes through all the time

    John Rowe Executive Director, UESF